We are a fourth-generation family ranch located in Nevada's beautiful Lamoille Valley.  Our great grandparents homesteaded in Elko County in the 1860's. My father brought some of the first Angus cattle to this area in the 1940's, and our mother cow herd is descended from those first Kennedy cows. These days the ranch is run by daughter Susan Kennedy, along with her husband Ken Hirst, ranch manager Lance Vezane and his wife Amy. Stepdaughter Madison is doing her best to learn about the grass-based cattle business, and if she's not scared off by the hard work will be generation five.  ;)

About Products & Animals

We raise 100% pastured Angus beef, and switched to a community-based grass-finished business model in 2008. We've never really had to market, rather our client list has grown through word-of-mouth alone. This year, we started raising pastured chickens and turkeys... originally to enhance the quality of our grass, but the reviews from our clients on these meat birds have been so positive that we're raising and selling more of them, as well. We use no artificial hormones of any kind, remove any animals we've had to doctor from our sales herd, manage our weeds without pesticides... in other words, the animals we raise are raised naturally, ethically, on good grass we nurture as holistically as possible.  We process our poultry here on the ranch under license from the State of Nevada, and bring our beef to a small USDA butcher shop that takes a lot of pride in the quality of work they do. All of our beef is dry aged for 21 days before it's cut and wrapped, bringing an outstanding, concentrated dry-aged taste to the already excellent flavor profile inherent in the beef we raise.

We take orders for large lots of beef (split sides, sides and whole beef) in the spring, and open our CSA to new members shortly thereafter.  We also sell beef and/or chicken bundles as long as we have meat in stock.  If one of the bundles doesn't work for you, give us a call and we'll put something together custom for you.

Please keep in mind - due to USDA rules we can only sell poultry in the State of Nevada. We're really sorry about that. If you live in California, Oregon, Idaho or Utah and want to pay for delivery, we will happily meet you at the state line.  Because it's federally inspected rather than state inspected, we can sell our beef to anyone and ship it anywhere in the U.S.

If you (and your friends) order enough beef or chicken and you live within 500 miles of us, we will be happy to deliver it to you or to meet you half-way.  We'll charge $1/mile one-way for this service, which will cover out costs for getting back to the ranch.  

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